calypte 6th September

Calmer today – trying to focus more on the positive, like the lovely painter and decorator in the downstairs flat who’s been helping me as a contact with the landlord – bless! Took him a cup of coffee and a twix this morning to say thank you 🙂 Expecting that payment around noon, as well as a phone call from the doctor (eep, but nothing awful – just, y’know, me), but after that the day is mine to do with as I please. I did have to rearrange my days at work this week for this, so hopefully they’ll not be too put out about that.

  • Dailies:
    • morning pages (although these are often evening pages, if I’m at work!)
    • meditation
    • mindful eating
    • daily Unprocrastination session (and preferably not just the coding)
  • Exercise:
    • walk to GP and back
    • stretches/yoga
  • Organise:
    • check JD sauce / defrost chicken
    • order new phone – mine’s dead as a parrot (luckily just the house phone, so not a panic!)
    • GP call
    • catch neighbour re payment – making me wait for a cheque, but at least he’s shown willing!
    • should I phone the council? Maybe if I haven’t heard by 4-ish? -> tomorrow
    • review The Lie Tree
    • set up September bullet journal – little bit late with this!
    • ensure I have receipt for shirt to return tomorrow
  • Learn:
  • Fun:
    • something. Very bad at this one!

Had a real sense this morning of just how focused on the negative I’ve been of late. Not the fault of work at all, but I was kind of worried that the return to that kind of schedule would indeed take my focus off the ‘good’ stuff, like exercise, eating well, and generally finding nice things in life. Must try harder with the balance, and now while work is still on the slow build up.


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  1. Oh, I’m glad that you have a nice ally to help you with some of the hassle. I think that your focus on keeping up the positive habits will see you through, and those things will be easy to do once the habit is in place.

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