T’s 5th September

Had a most relaxing weekend, split between my husband and my parents. I managed to get a  small tan on saturday, at the seaside, it was lovely weather and fewer people now, compared to busy/crammed August. Arrived back to worktown yesterday late at night, and had planned to be at the library as soon as it opened. Not sure why I’m still at home, and with no clear plan for what I have to do today, and the rest of the week. Hate when my head goes this blank. So trying my best to make a last minute plan for today, and focus on FTF! Going to sort my mental list into “deep work” (see Cal Newport’s book) and shallow tasks and see how that works, to avoid feeling at the end of the day that I was busy all day, and nothing truly important got done! (old story, I know).


  • CD: revisions (1 h + 1 h: monitor how much progress I manage)
  • Vlad paper: revisions (1 h)
  • PaperLogos: read (1h) + first draft/outline (45′)
  • Humanitas Talk: first draft (1h)
  • M/B: brainstorm next moves (30′)

Shallow tasks:

  • post office: parcel
  • @ 2 or @ 6 pm pilates
  • tidy bedroom up (make a rational plan to  better exploit  the space  I have)
  • decide whether to travel back on tuesday evening
  • email Norman
  • laundry
  • prepare for tomorrow meeting with colleagues
  • make a plan for the whole week



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