SL’s FTF, Mon 5th Sept

Had a quiet weekend – cleaned the flat, got some walking in, some reading, and a lot of thinking – still dithering about my writing and trying to generate more ideas or even just decide what genre I actually want to write…

Anyway, Z is back today, hurrah!, and this evening it’s R’s leaving do, although Thursday is her actual last day. Various people are away this week so weirdly Monday ended up being the best day for it, which means I’m missing the first qi gong class of the new term – never mind, I’ve told the teacher I’ll definitely be there next week.

  • prep delicious lunch (smoked mackerel pate and crudites)
  • STLs
  • catch up with Z
  • really do need to get hold of payroll people today
  • make new list
  • discuss management letter points with chief
  • talk to R about Gift Aid etc.
  • make amendments to accounts
  • if time, some more checking
  • check Feb dates
  • R’s leaving do

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