calypte 4th September

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted that my ‘relaxing’ Saturday was rather full – still, mostly ‘busywork’ and chores. Today I want to be even more relaxing (so I’m not even going to mention you-know-what! ;)), although I still have a ton of stuff I want to do.

  • Dailies:
    • meditation
    • morning pages
    • wii in – urgh, fairly sure I didn’t just put 2lb back on overnight, even with the big tea. Sigh.
    • 5 minute Unprocrastination Session – need to pick my ‘important’ task and focus 🙂 – used it to set up my Learning Challenge curriculum/blog post; don’t want it to always be for that though!
    • mindful eating – I absolutely knew I was overeating  last night (even if it was salad!), just to ‘use things up’, so remember the discomfort of that and don’t repeat!
  • Exercise:
    • feeling a bit ‘lazy’ for planning yet another stay-at-home rest day, but it’s about a ‘this weekend’ relaxing thing, not a slip back into old habits. As long as I’m clear on that, right?!
    • stretches / yoga
  • Organise:
    • laundry 2 and should get hung out today!
    • review something! Nerve? Lie Tree?
    • tidy something. Anything.
  • Learn:
    • read stress course handouts
    • duolingo
    • code – do something while looking at sources for learning for…
    • set up learning curriculum for the September learning challenge – I’m already rebelling, as I want to have a mix of topics not just a single focus. Me all over! 😉
    • blog post re learning challenge – public commitment (gulp!) to daily posts. Eeep!
  • Fun:
    • definitely something 😉

Two challenges in the one month is probably asking for trouble, but there ya go! I absolutely adore the Zen Habits Unprocrastination challenge – that gentle rebuilding of my concentration levels, and the challenge of making the right choice of task for each day: no point in concentrating on the dishes, but excellent way of powering through urgent tasks (e.g. insurance, yesterday) *or* of finally allotting myself some space for the important-to-me things. There’s a great article behind the challenge, here.

For the other one, I can see the benefits of having a single topic for the month, but that isn’t really me – and given my plan is to use my Scanner blog for the required daily ‘this is what I learned today’ posts, then I think that fits fine! Trick will be to keep myself to *just* three (?) topics: coding – an essential part of learning for me, always, but really tricky to write about I’m thinking; writing – well, Nano is coming, I have a new book, etc etc; and either stress management (since I’m doing the course anyway) or a more general ‘headology’ that could encompass that. I can’t say “we’ll see” as I need to get my curriculum – a learning plan for the whole month! – done today ready to start tomorrow. What am I talking myself into?! LOL!


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