calypte 3rd September

Tried to write August there! o_O

I am so ready for a weekend break from stress. And really annoyed with myself that I got walked into all this roof repair crud – I did NOT need the additional hassle in my life! The Living with Less Stress course (Thursday’s first session was fine, mostly introductions) couldn’t have come at a better time, I guess, and as such I’ve been thinking a lot about stress the past few days. Need to gather all those thoughts into a coherent blog post, methinks.

In the meantime, I also REALLY need to just let go on thinking about the roof stuff for a day or two! It’s been non-stop all week, really. Not going to detail all of yesterday’s traumas (!) with it all, but should be at the point of just waiting: receipts were delivered (except DAGNAMIT I missed one!! Arrrrrgggggh!) and the “well we didn’t know anything about this” email from one letting agent got answered more politely than it deserved. In the end I let my dad put the receipts through the doors because I have Just Had Enough o_O One flat has ‘promised’ to bring me money this evening – will try not to grumble about all this ‘yet more’ annoyance: not being able to go out or go for a bath, etc, because I’m waiting for people to arrive at my door. Sigh.

Right, rant over! Today seems to be turning into a quest for stuff I have more control over, so I’m guessing ticking things off a list is exactly what I need 😉

    • house insurance!!! – did it as my first ‘unprocrastination’ session 🙂
  •  Dailies:
    • morning pages
    • meditation
    • wii in – ooh, back in the right direction!
  • Organise:
    • defrost chicken
    • laundry 1
    • bleach washing machine
    • handwash delicates
    • wash dishes
    • figure out how to rescue/use the Jack Daniels sauce I treacle-ised yesterday o_O
    • make roast chicken, wedges, tons o’veg
    • another review to keep catching up
    • email re missing delivery
    • if I’m being ‘good’ I should declutter the small amount of stuff that’s started to gather on the surfaces in the study again!
    • find something to chuck out. It’ll be cathartic!
  • Exercise:
    • stretches and yoga
  • Learn:
    • duolingo
    • a little bit o’coding – feel much better about the phased return if I know I can be ‘studying’ on my off days. Hopefully next week will be calmer than last and let me actually do this!
  • Fun:
    • urm, I don’t know yet! But something!!

Read an article yesterday – the 5 minute unprocrastination challenge – and really fancy giving it a go, so might have a think about how to best use and monitor it. There was also a Habitica challenge around learning something new every day which I kind of like (probably the structure/formality of it) but to be honest the entire set up (posting your learning every day seems a bit much, especially if you’re doing one chapter, etc. Or maybe that’s the point – not leaving it ’til the end?) is a little rigid. I’ll have a think – I know it’s something I could just do for myself, but the more formal and fun challenges definitely work for me.


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  1. I like that unprocrastination challenge.

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