Into the last third of the year!

Made further progress yesterday – can’t believe I have only two more days at work to get through by myself before Z is back. As I’d hoped, Sept is looking much clearer and an opportunity to get caught up ahead of the next wave of accounts etc. Onwards!

  • walk before work, if time
  • STLs
  • fundholder admin with R
  • call M 
  • club minutes
  • checking
  • food shopping
  • a lot of home admin to deal with this evening
  • catch up on Bake Off
  • finish watching Fleabag on iplayer – quite extraordinary, I recommend (although v rude)

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Thurs 1st September" (3)

  1. Have things calmed down in GB since the Brexit uproar? We aren’t hearing much about it over here these days.

    • Well, everything is still on hold at the moment and nobody really knows what’s going to happen. The prime minister says Brexit means Brexit but they haven’t started the negotiations yet. I still hope we can find some sort of compromise. It’s amazing how much animosity was generated and continues to rumble – the first night at the writing retreat was mainly two people moaning about it nonstop… So far, the economy seems not to have collapsed and the sky hasn’t fallen in yet 🙂 but I’m sure it must be very unsettling for the EU citizens living here.

      • Yes, yes, that’s just how it seems to me, based on the limited news that I get here. I wonder if there is some plan to work out a compromise and the PM is just keeping everything quiet for now…

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