T’s 31st August

Yesterday I came back to worktown, went for long walks, reconnected with the beautiful town, and with the lonely life of “just work&books”. I like the social life with clever and brilliant people who can hold a conversation. And I also like the quiet silent time when I plunge deep down inside my brain and test theories, ideas and simple thoughts. I like both of them very much, now it’s time to switch gears. Yesterday I didn’t get much done, with he travelling and unpacking and transitioning. The flat is a mess, it gives me headaches. Every horizontal surface is covered with books and papers. I will have to devote some time to making it liveable. I think that’s one of the reasons yesterday I walked 14000 steps. That, and the fine weather. On to today! I plan to get at least 6 things done

  • finish reading the student’s thesis: chap. 4 (monitor how long it takes)
  • tackle the heap of projects:
    • Paper Vlad: final checks, final revisions and editing, send it out (monitor how long it takes)
    • paperHumanitas: go on with  freewrite/first draft for 45′
    • paperLogos: freewrite/first draft for 45′
    • CD: revise from p. 19 for 30′ and see where I get
    • M/B: plan who else can I get involved in the book?: brainstorm wildly and draft emails (30′)
    • read Sandler for 30′
    • Prepare Sand. pdf
    • read H. for 30′
    • post N’s parcel
    • clear the corner with the mould problem
    • grooming
    • take clothes to the laundry service
    • @ 3 pm: office hours (order books for the library)

ETA Uhm… as usual I end up doing things totally unrelated to my list, I thought I might as well keep track of what I actually do!

  • bought a new pair of minimalist sandals in red
  • bought a sort of concealer for spider veins in my legs (can you tell I plan to keep wearing skirts even when back to work? it’s such a beautiful warm weather!)
  • went for my first coffee in my favourite bar in worktown (and I hope the list of indulgencies stops here!)

Comments on: "T’s 31st August" (2)

  1. You do have a way of making your life sound just lovely! 🙂

  2. Oooh – red sandals! I always admire other people’s red shoes. Maybe I should get a pair of my own? 🙂

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