calypte 31st August

Best news: my half-day return to work yesterday went really well. I even got hugs 🙂 Including an unexpected one from the boss, who’s clearly had ‘the chat’ from HR and said all the right things about just being good to have me back an okay for me to go at my own pace. Still, the half day was plenty and it was good to be able to go for a coffee and stroll in the sunshine and know that I’d have today ‘off’.

And I feel like I need it! Feet are complaining at long walks almost every day since last weekend (I downloaded the Google Fit app, and am pleased and amazed to see an hour’s worth of meandering, just getting between places – but still not 10K steps o_O), and I still haven’t cracked the sleeping patterns. Up early again today for more workmen, who of course still haven’t turned up! Also unsurprised – if disappointed – that so far only one neighbour has given me cash by the time I’d asked for it. Sigh. I guess they’re maybe waiting for the work to be finished – not considering that maybe I need to make arrangements ahead of that?! Ended up emptying a savings account and taking a chunk out of an ISA yesterday, just to know I could cover this bill. I hate people. Sorry – rant over!

Anyway. Today is an indoors day for me, apart from hanging out yet more laundry. I have zero plans, really, just loads of pottering which is a lovely feeling 🙂 Generally in a good mood – seem to have a bit of structure for the whole rest of the year, between work building up, stress management and art courses, and of course Nano (eek!). My priorities seem pretty clear between that lot, exercise and healthfulness – not exciting, I suppose, but I think I’ve had enough of that for now!



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  1. That’s fantastic to hear about your work! I’m glad to hear it. I don’t know about those neighbors. It’s terrible that you’re in such a position. They should be getting the money to you on time and also giving you many thank yous or even little gifts for taking on the hassles of dealing with the roofers. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your unstructured day!

  2. Glad your first day back went all right, and that the rest of the year is lining up nicely! 🙂

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