T’s 29th August monday

The weekend was splendid, a small reunion with good friends, before we part again because work starts. This week I’ll travel back to worktown and to uni, reconnecting with the “social” part of my work. Every year, after the summer break I discover I’ve forgotten the colleagues names (and almost obliterated the colleagues faces from my mind). It’s always a mini-shock to go back.

Plan for today:

  • read the student’s thesis: chap. 4 (monitor how long it takes)
  • tackle the heap of projects:
    • paperHumanitas: go on with  freewrite/first draft for 45′
    • paperLogos: freewrite/first draft for 45′
    • CD: revise from p. 19 for 30′ and see where I get
    • M/B: plan who else can I get involved in the book?: brainstorm wildly and draft emails (30′)
    • read Sandler for 30′
    • read H. for 30′
  • make a plan for next week, when I’ll be in worktown again (which will entail putting the final touches to the VladPaper, deal with all the CD checkings at the library, deal with the mould problem in the flat etc.)



Comments on: "T’s 29th August monday" (3)

  1. It’s rather wonderful that you can leave work behind you so well over the summer! 🙂

    • 🙂 It is, but it is just the social side of my work. I tend not to think of interactions with colleagues as “work”, as my work is research, writing, presenting at conferences and teaching, I mentally consider most of my interactions with colleagues what actually prevents me from doing my work, LOL! Can you imagine a whole department of introverts? I am sure others among my colleagues obliterate faces during the summer break. Although maybe they’d be considerate enough not to admit it.

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