calypte 29th August

Been up for ages just in case the roofers turned up – still waiting, but it’s early! So far have zero monies from neighbours, and 2 of ’em haven’t even acknowledge the letters. Sigh.

In other ‘urgh’ news, today is probably the day for me to sort my home insurance – deep joy! It’s turning into that kind of staying indoors and ‘sorting’ day, despite the glorious sunshine, after an almost-too active weekend and before – gulp! – my return to work tomorrow! Starting slow, and sooo glad I am, as it’s helping keep the nerves down.

art therapy taster

my first effort!

I have been looking at my (possible) phased return plan, and trying to see if it might work out to let me take the full art therapy course after my taster session on Friday. I was really nervous about that, for some reason, and took forever to get past the rabbit-in-the-headlights stage and actually start doing anything! It was great in the end though – not so much the result, but the 90-ish minutes of being so focused on ‘art’. I’d gone in thinking this was a one-off, since I’m heading back to work, but the course coordinator went from “if you come back” to “when you all come back” and… well…! o_O I realise I’m slightly more thinking of this as an art course when of course it’s a therapy course, but to be honest reconnecting with that side of myself feels like it would be great therapy! Getting over that ‘don’t know how to start’ panic and wanting to know what I was ‘supposed’ to be doing, and fighting the perfectionist – yup, all sound like good things! Plus: chance to try out different art materials!! And balance up the coding. Yeah, sounds like I’ve talked myself into it already, don’t I? And I do have a lot of holiday leave to take, so some Friday afternoons… hmm.

The rest of the weekend ended up being heavy on the cinema, having agreed to accompany different peeps to stuff I was so-so about. Which means I have a backlog of reviews to write! Also made it to my one and only Fringe show of the year, a rather wonderful and silly rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the Shakespeare for Breakfast group. The closing fireworks are tonight; maybe the city will be a little more normal after that!

Plenty to do today – starting with laundry to hang out in the sunshine! – but main focus is to stay relaxed and have an early night ahead of tomorrow’s fresh start!


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  1. You hang laundry out in the sunshine, I love that. They made me feel very provincial in Boston, the first time I realized that not everywhere people hang laundry out in the sunshine, LOL! They’ll be so happy to have you back tomorrow!

  2. Great news that you are cleared to return to work and that you can do it in a gradual way! I’m also so pleased to hear about the art therapy session. Was there a prompt that led to the picture that you posted? The opportunity to attend such a class for 90 minutes a week sounds lovely. Oh – and grrrrr at your neighbors. What the heck?!!!

    • I went through a box of art postcards that she had and used a couple for the basis of my attempt. Plus, of all the art materials it was those jewel colours of ink that I used for the trees that really ‘spoke to me’, which is what I think I was meant to be going for!

      As for the neighbours, as long as the cash arrives before the builders want paid then that’s fair enough. The obviousness of the human psychology is staggering at times.

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