T’s 26th August

Yesterday was a gloriously  efficient day: once I got going, I got a lot done! So I try to think that today can be similar, although it’s already quite late.

I got quite a bit sidetracked with reading the news about the earthquake, this morning. And checking whether the buildings we own and/or live in were built following the norms for seismic risk. My flat in Padova is safe, but then there’s a low risk there. In hometown the situation is different, the risk is higher (level 2, the area of the quake was a level 1), the house on the hills where we are now was built following all the norms, because they had already been developed, but my parents’ house in hometown was built before they came into force. And the same holds true for the flat I rent with my husband. Being a 5th floor flat, in a building standing on slender columns doesn’t help either. We rent it because it has a breathtaking view, and I have often thought I’d like to buy it, but.. uhm not so much anymore, actually. Ok, enough with idle thoughts, will have to talk to my parents about their house and what can be done to improve its safety. Not sure whether, being both of them older than 70s, they really want to be bothered with it. They might say I’ll have to deal with that after they’ve gone. Which will put gloomy thoughts on their minds. Uhm…

yesteday strategy worked beautifully: switching projects, and assigning a definite pre-set duration of time to each, not to feel overwhelmed and to make me feel I was already making some progress, albeit admittedly small. My aim now is not to lose sight of any of the projects, so getting them all moving is good. The rate of progress is not so relevant, at the moment.


Plan for today:

  • go on reading the student’s thesis: chap. 4
  • tackle the heap of projects:
    • paperHumanitas: go on with  freewrite/first draft for 45′
    • paperLogos: freewrite/first draft for 45′
    • CD: revise from p. 19 for 30′ and see where I get
    • draft emails for M/B (30′)
    • read Sandler for 30′
    • read H. for 30′
    • paperVlad: 30′, revise
  • make a plan for next week, when I’ll be in worktown again

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  1. It’s easy to understand why earthquake-related matters on your mind right now. I wouldn’t want to buy the house on stilts either! There are a lot of expensive houses like that in the hills of Los Angeles, and I always thought the people who lived in them were really pushing their luck.

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