T’s 25th August

Ups! First I overslept, and then there were a series of unforseen developments in the morning so it’s already midday and I haven’t a plan yet! Terrible! Not a great day yesterday for progress. I’m already getting anxious for September, unbelievable! Had a bit of a troubled night. But I’ll just worry about today now, and try to stave off anxiety by planning.

At least this morning I already did something important, I finished returning a big sum  I had borrowed when I purchased the flat in worktown, 6 years ago. There’s another biggish sum I still owe to my parents, but at least I’m even with my husband now. And I plan to fully return the sum to my parents by the end of next year, so everything looks quite bright. I preferred to borrow money from within the family, than to ask for a loan at the bank, and I haven’t regretted it.


  • go on reading the student’s thesis
  • tackle the heap of projects:
    • paperHumanitas: freewrite/first draft for 45′
    • paperLogos: freewrite/first draft for 45′
    • CD: revise for 30′ and see where I get
    • draft emails for M/B (30′)
    • read Sandler for 30′
    • read H. for 30′
    • paperVlad: 30′, revise
  • email students about next office hours
  • email FB




Comments on: "T’s 25th August" (3)

  1. Urgh, nothing worse than a harried start to the day! Hope it improves 🙂

    • uhm, no, actually, not much of a harried start of the day, just me still at my parents, feeling all wrapped in holiday spirit, bathed in warm sunshine, going about leisurely breakfasting on freshly picked red grapes and conversations with my parents about different wines, and what kind of grape they want to put in the plot, and whether the ground is suitable, and … not getting to sit down till midday! It feels blissful here, too blissful!

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