SL’s FTF, Thurs 25th Aug

Yesterday turned out to be a bit crap for several reasons which I won’t go into, but hopefully today will be better… and in fact it’s already off to a good start as have joined the FB writing group thanks to calypte so that’s another helpful source of motivation.

The accounts are coming along too and I hope to get them finished off today, which would be pleasing as then I could crack on with the Giant Pile of Checking which is now reaching epic proportions.

  • clear up carnage
  • walk? if I get my act together 
  • STLs
  • emails – still waiting to hear back from a number of people
  • sort out accruals
  • investment allocations
  • produce accounts schedules
  • cashflow
  • listen to writing course at lunchtime
  • food shopping
  • catch up on Bake Off
  • continue reading LWtaSAP 🙂

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Thurs 25th Aug" (4)

  1. A Giant Pile of Checking does sound onerous! I hope today is much improved.

  2. Glad the FB group is a small bright point! And now you can know why you being SL has always been vaguely amusing to me 😉

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