calypte 25th August

Waah – just heard buzzing suspiciously close! Thankfully it doesn’t seem to have come/stayed in, but might be reaching the point of w-a-s-p (shudder!) season that means the windows can’t sit open all the time 😦

Anyway. Went to bed soooo much happier last night, just from that feeling that I’d done as much as I could on the big scary tasks – i.e. okay’ed the roof work and put letters through doors. Got one of the doesn’t-know-me folk at the door asking a few Qs (awkwardly, no this work doesn’t cover the roof above his, despite being expected to pay a share. Hmm) but that was expected and okay; more worried about the other two ‘unknowns’ but fingers crossed this could all be over by next week! Plus got in some exercise, housework/decluttering, errands, etc. Productivity makes for a more settled brain, it seems!

Still wasn’t quite as sharp to sleep as I should have been, given I was nodding off in front of the telly!, but I did fix a problem with my internet connection – huzzah for managing techie fixes! 🙂 Maybe going back to work isn’t quite so scary 😉

Another great happy from yesterday was ‘free’ books – almost made it a month without buying any, but then a trilogy I wanted to read showed up at 99p each (kindle) – what’s a bibliophile to do?! So got those and the one that was sitting waiting for Sept 1st (!) – and then realised I’d paid a grand total of 72p, as I’d had a credit needing to be used. Huzzah! Plus, a long-held reservation was sitting waiting for me in the library as I dropped off the returns – excellent timing, but better get reading!! 🙂

Today’s ‘biggy’ is back to endocrine. With all the liver nonsense, really haven’t been thinking about this, but not much I can do except turn up and keep my fingers crossed. Feels weird not to have anything to do re the roof right now, but if I was feeling less lazy, next big chore is sorting house insurance… eh, maybe not today 😉

Since that lands me back in town around 4pm, going to take the opportunity to met up with the Nano group – although guiltily, I do prefer the once-in-a-while to the weekly ‘chore’ it was almost becoming. I’ll be early today, so maybe even get some writing planning done before everyone else shows up! 🙂

  • Dailies:
    • meditation
    • wii-in – yay, back in the right direction! 😉
    • stretches/yoga
  • finish book
  • mp/sl
  • endocrine appt
  • poss walk up to…
  • nano / deliver buband
  • buy milk
  • another ep of Dark Matter (racing to finish the series, to the point that I’m postponing GBBO!)
  • early night!

Otherwise, just can’t quite get my head around all of this ‘autumn’ chatter that’s going on – yeah, I guess it’s almost September, but had some glorious sunshine of late and just… well, hmm. I suppose the change of seasons is as vaguely appropriate a time to be facing my ‘fresh start’ on life, right enough!



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  1. Four books for 72p – can’t argue with that! 🙂

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