calypte 24th August

Another too-late night but am feeling calmer today. Still stuff that needs done but things are starting to feel like they’re slotting into place.

  • email roofer – says he can start Monday, so fingers crossed this can all be done soon!
  • draft letter for neighbours with copy of roofing invoice
  • deliver above
  • laundry / hang out / bring back in (!)
  • long walk – up to library, to return books
  • buy cucumber – totally blanked getting salad yesterday!
  • review The Affirmation
  • watch an ep of Dark Matter (and don’t turn laptop off, less it kicks me out again!?)
  • must try harder with the early night!!

There, that feels a little less onerous than yesterday! Plus I don’t have any more earlier mornings until next week, so hurrah!

I did find myself tidying out a little corner of my makeup ‘collection’ and chucked several things out, which sort of reminded me how good decluttering can feel! Still have some drawers to konmari and possibly ‘inventory’ (another idea for keeping track of what you have/need), so will see how that goes over the next few days.


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