T’s 22nd Aug. Monday

Good Morning everybody! The most delightful weekend went by, and mine was even a productive one amidst all the trips into the wild and fun, so I feel very well and fully recharged. I just wish I had written the plan for today yesterday, so I could start without having to wonder about what I’ll do first. Lots of projects amongs which to shuffle my time. Aiming for small progress in a lots of compartments.

Plan for today:

  • put finishing touches to Vladpaper
  • email it to Vlad
  • email to Batt


  • CD revisions: work on it for 60′
  • M/B: emails
  • PaperLogos: take it out from the backburner and see where I left it, re-read*take notes on what’s next
  • paperHumanitas: work on it for 30′, check outline and expand



Comments on: "T’s 22nd Aug. Monday" (2)

  1. Interesting both that you’re seeing the benefit of a night-before plan, and the ‘small progress in little boxes’ – a productivity tip I heard recently was to finish one thing, then start on the next, but I had the feeling that that wouldn’t be feasible for most of us!

    • Uhm, yeah, well, switching from one project to the other doesn’t happen that easily to me. I find that my mind keeps mumbling on its own along the previous project for quite a while afterwards, if the project itself is charming. If it is not, I can hardly face it at all to start with. But I want to serious give a go at the concept of “knowing when to stop” because according to a mentor of mine, that my biggest problem, and one that affects quite a bit my feeling of never being in the right/optimum position to start. The riddles that the mind plays at us!

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