calypte 22nd August

Gone from a brilliant mood yesterday to this morning putting me on a total downer already – urgh! Moans over first: phoned the GP to make the telephone appt as requested by letter, only to be told it’d be next Wednesday! I mean, I know that means it’s nothing bad, but I soooo want this stuff to just be over! I am practically itching to get back to work just to lose the guilt feelings o_O Then my wii-in was on the increase again, despite being ‘good’ yesterday, and am just generally feeling a bit uptight and out of sorts. Bleh.

Right. Moving away from that! Had a super-lazy Saturday, which felt much needed. Yesterday I planned to go for a walk only for the weather to be a bit ‘hmm’, so rearranged my plans – would be more efficient to do two things at the same time today, etc. But then the weather brightened up and I found myself really twitchy to get out and move – wait: this is me, jonesing for exercise?! O_o and woooo!

Ended up walking to the shop (for veggies!) AND back again and it was lovely – found a new route that runs through some trees (and a plague of bunnies!) rather than alongside the road. Just so great at how easy it felt, and how enjoyable, compared to not that very long ago. Hopeful this means I’ve managed to reach a first point-along-the-way kind of thing, a checkpoint towards keeping going.

Generally just had a good day of productivity: laundry hung out, caught the neighbour I don’t like much about the roof and she was fine, long writing group chat, etc. Picked up with Duolingo again, just for fun, and wrote a short, random scene. Having some thoughts about Nanowrimo – maybe a rewrite/edit this year, something I’ve never tried but really should? Didn’t quite manage the full as-planned bedtime routine, but got the core of it: going to bed unhurried, with time to read, etc.

Today… all the usual. Not feeling like a list, really. Just trying to recapture some of yesterday’s mood rather than continuing with this morning’s!!


Comments on: "calypte 22nd August" (3)

  1. Kudos to you for the discovery of a new route and feeling great!

  2. I bet it will be a great relief when you are back to your routine. Hang in there!

  3. Yes, agreeing with wren here, it must be a weird and frustrating time for you at the moment. Seems like you’re being very productive, considering!

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