T’s 19th August

Today went quite well. Setting a stopping point helped me getting into deep focus first and switch between different projects. A friend of mine brought me a small statue of Ganesha from India. The divinity that is supposed to help remove obstacles, so now it sits by my notebook when I write. It’s quite funny actually, as the elephant seems to hold in its hand an orange juicer. Planning for a similar structure tomorrow.


  • CD: second revisions, start from beginning again + email RR (see how much progress I make in 60′)
  • Paper for Logos: test new idea, check where a reading of Toland supports that, a few checkings to broaden the spectrum, (keep it all within the 60′ range, no more than this)
  • re-read RR article page, sum it up, draft a new note, decide where to insert it in my VladPaper (see how long this takes)
  • jot down email for Vladimir (answer him about: 1) the new addition, 2) what AB did answer), (idem)
  • Klavaro exercises
  • M/B emails
  • spend the rest of my mental focus on programming how to deal with the other projects the next day (mainly M/B, the September talk, the Bbook, the preparation for the 2 courses

Comments on: "T’s 19th August" (3)

  1. I have a Ganesha in my house, too. He is also god of beginnings and endings, I believe, and I look at him to remind myself that life is always turning itself over, one thing ending and a new thing starting.

    • So very interesting, especially as I have come to find out that the key to beginning is knowing where and when to end!

  2. Ganesha would be a good name for an orange juice brand! The logo could be just like the Ganesha in your post but with the object in his hand more obviously an orange juicer, and he could be surrounded by a wreathe of oranges and orange tree branches.

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