Moosie Thursday 18 August

Hi all! I’ve been meaning to write this update for ages and started a couple of times and then something else major would happen and get in the way. 

The biggest thing is that B and I have decided to separate. Well actually we’ve been separated since the start of June and he’s been camping out on the living room floor since. Mostly it’s to do with him wanting a baby right now and me not being ready, but there’s a strong sense that we’ve grown apart and we’re heading towards different things. It’s all been very amicable and respectful and caring even, we both want each other to have what we each want and to be happy. It is very sad at times of course, because we thought we’d stay married our whole lives, and we love each other. But it’s ok. He’s flying out next week to initiate divorce proceedings, it seems like this is more straightforward where we married than it would be here, and then I think he’s planning to move out in September. 

Right after that I got approached by my boss about a new job, because we lost a load of key admin and HR people in the voluntary redundancy scheme in June. It’s turned into a massive promotion for me and I’m now Office Manager with responsibility for payroll as well as the entire practical running of the office, a receptionist line reporting to me and I’m reporting directly into the new head of HR who is a wonderful, down to earth and very efficient woman about ten years older than me. I’m in an office with someone I’ve been really good friends with for ages and the three/four of us make an ace team. It’s great to suddenly be at the centre of things and feel like what I’m doing makes a difference – it’s very busy but I love it and there’s a great energy around. Thankfully there was a 20% salary bump as well which is perfect timing with moving back to being a single income household, and means I won’t have to move out straight away – you couldn’t make up the timing of it all and I feel like I’m being looked after by the universe. Also not a bad time to be super busy and have a lot to learn! 

Music continues to move along, it’s been a busy summer, I’ve had gigs every weekend for three months and did an interview for BBC local radio which was really exciting. Been doing some recording, making some videos, and a lot of collaborating. Hopefully in the autumn once things are settled at home I’ll be able to dedicate more time and focus to this again. 

Then just to top it all off, a couple of weeks ago I met a guy. Like a really incredible guy, who really likes me. He’s a musician too and an excellent one at that. It’s too soon, I know, but we’re getting on too well to just leave it and let it pass by, though there are challenges and we’re taking it a day at a time. We went away last weekend just to get out of town and had a wonderful time just getting to know each other and jamming songs together. I’ve never had this kind of thing with another musician and it’s so, so lovely – like another language that’s just ours. And obviously a great interlude at a time when things could have been quite stressful. We’ll see what happens I guess. 

So that’s it – new job, new living situation, new romance, and always new music – very busy and a lot of change, but all good in the end I think. 


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  1. WOW!!! I love this post of yours, I can sense your enthusiasm, and that feeling, of being looked after by the entire universe, OMG, that’s amazing! Congratulations for the new job and I wish you all the best for the future. Sharing a language such as music together with a partner in life runs so deep and intimate that can hardly be explained, but I know what you mean!

    • Thanks T! It’s great to hear that the positive energy came across. It’s like it’s been decided sonewhere that I’m supposed to be living a completely

  2. Oops posted that by accident! Living a completely different life and that’s what’ll make me happy and I’m supposed to get there as soon as possible – so all I can do is acceptable the changes and try not to question them too much.

    The music thing is amazing. Not to be too explicit but to go from making love to being wrapped in a sheet playing the guitar and writing songs together, it’s honestly the most beautiful kind of intimacy I’ve ever known. I don’t think I ever even imagined life could be this way but somehow I was longing for it.

  3. Wow, such big changes! It really does seem as if the universe is very kindly helping you into new life circumstances that are more suited to all of you, rather than just a part of you. Big congrats on all of your success – with music, with love, with your work, and with being much more comfortable with yourself.

    • Thanks Wren. Life is a funny thing. I feel like I’m getting progressively happier and experiencing more love and fulfilment as I go so that has to be the right track!

  4. Lots of big exciting news in there! Sad to hear about you and B, but with everything else it does indeed sound like the universe is just shoving you into a whole other gear! 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes I’d agree with all of that! I’m excited and have no real idea of what might happen next!

  5. Sad to hear that things didn’t work out for you and B, but good that you are able to part on friendly terms and hopefully both look back on this time as a positive life journey you shared together. In a way, I’m not surprised — you’ve undergone such massive personal and professional advances in your life recently, it’s understandable that you would be completely rethinking who you are and what you want. As T says, your post is so full of positive energy, it’s like there’s no stopping you. Happy for you that so many wonderful things are happening, and wishing the best to both you and B as you each move on to new things. xoxo

    • Thank you xx yes I think we can both see that our time together has put us in a better place in our lives. It’s a shame, and it’s not, because it means better for both of us. I will be keeping the quilt 🙂

  6. That’s great news about the new job going so well, the music continuing to go from strength to strength, and the new bloke – you sound very compatible! You jumped and the net appeared! 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes I did think of jump and the net will appear! I feel more like I was pushed…. but hey as long as there’s a net!

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