calypte 17th August

Was expecting to start this with, “I’m sitting in waiting for the roofer to arrive to give me a quote” but he’s been and gone – was even early! Yay 🙂 Seemed like a nice chap, but let’s face it: managing this for 12 people to split the bill I’m just going to have to pick the lowest quote and make life easy on myself! Couple of days should see this one in, and then I have to go ’round the neighbours again and make sure they agree. I totally see this ending up in small claims court to recover from one of them, though. Argh!

Schools started back in Edinburgh today, so was woken up by downstairs neighbour shouting at her son to get up and the subsequent grumbling! Usually I might object, but (a) I was expecting it, (b) I was absolutely exhausted last night and got to bed sharp, and (c) it’s a lovely sunny day and I’m fantastically happy I don’t have to ever deal with that nonsense again! Really, the thought of having to go through all the horror of your own childhood again with offspring should surely be enough to put people off breeding! o_O

Anyway. Yesterday’s scan went fine – ultrasound, so a bit gunky but nothing unpleasant. I haven’t been too worried about this, but as the day/hour got closer I couldn’t help it, and just the length of time the scan took really kind of freaked me out. The sonographer doesn’t give you any info, good or bad, for this sort of thing, so it’s back to waiting for results. Fingers tightly crossed – it could be absolutely nothing, but that doesn’t stop the small ball of dread in the pit of my stomach. Sigh. On the plus side, that could/should be me done with tests – results of this will probably be in a few days, and then endocrine appointment next week to say what’s going on there – and freedom?!

In the meantime…

  • Dailies:
    • meditation
    • wii in
    • mindful eating
    • gratitude/achievement journal
    • something to look forward to
  • Exercise:
    • walk to get prescription
    • stretches/yoga/plank
  • Organise:
    • charge batteries
    • review SS
    • maybe install office?
    • possibly try reloading iPod?
  • Learn:
    • one kata – need to get over my frustration at getting ‘stuck’ on stupid, too-simple code but with very unclear test set up. Ignore them?!

Sort of feel I’m missing something the list is so short! But no, today is my ‘quiet’ day this week, between trying to schedule the following:

  • library return – had thought today, but haven’t finished third book! Maybe Friday, or make it my exercise on Saturday (before the rain hits?!)
  • Ikea trip (not that I need anything, but I’ll provide company and meander!)
  • take cheques to bank!! (suppose I could do this today… hmm!)
  • try the art therapy class? Fridays aren’t usually great days, but 2 chances left for the drop in class and it totally hits my ‘try something new’ goal
  • M round for tea (ooh, lego?!) but knowing M it’ll be find out on the evening kind of notice 😉

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  1. Oh, wow, there’s an art therapy class available to you! Have you tried that before? I’ve been want to pursue art therapy for some time but haven’t had much luck in finding an opportunity. I hope that all of the tests results are good for you!

    • It’s another of the Maggie’s offerings. In hindsight, I was much too shy/something to try as many things as I could have, and kept thinking I’d be back at work sooner than I could make a commitment to a course. But for August the art therapy is just a drop-in, so really fancy trying it out 🙂

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