8/16/16 ftf, wren

Yesterday, I made an extravagant purchase for J’s birthday, which is this Saturday.  I spent $75 on a cake!  It is not just any cake, of course, but a blackout cake, which is quite famous to people from Brooklyn and also increasingly difficult to come by.  2/3 of the cost is for overnight shipping.  J loves blackout cake and probably hasn’t had any in 30 years, so this will be a big surprise.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will arrive in good shape!

I got an unexpected e-mail related to my previous employment yesterday.  I once was involved in the administration of a big, nationwide clinical trial of the nutritional supplements glucosamine and chondroitin for the treatment of  osteoarthritis.  This was considered the gold standard of trials, and the results showed no real benefits.  Apparently, a doctor who has made his name touting the benefits of these supplements (and who sells his own brand of them on his website), is suing my former bosses over the results of the study, and the attorneys want to talk to me.  I’m sure I’m expected to provide information that will aid in the defense, but the fact is that I’ve always had my own doubts about the validity of the study results.  Working for those people did not end pleasantly for me, so it’s kind of strange to be revisiting that period.

Still feeling under the weather today, so it will be a day to keep my head down and plow through.  I’m hoping to have some quiet time at the office when I can immerse myself in spreadsheet creation.



Happy Dog Time!



work day


FY 17 earnings to income

op indicators – July

make sure Angela’s payroll is set up correctly

FFR Report

EOR – July

start R21 in Cayuse

Citi training (due 9/21/16)

clinical trials invoicing

pbg & budget for Suven

DSS for new PAMS

Amendment to OSP

read NIH Welcome Wagon Letter


close out 09857

look into Foundation Directory Online

Research P01 grants

after work

hike with dogs

more rest!


Comments on: "8/16/16 ftf, wren" (3)

  1. Ooh, such excitement! They might not want you involved if they talk to you and find you a bit ambiguous.

  2. I’ve heard people talk about glucosamine — interesting to hear that the trials weren’t very compelling. Hope J enjoys his cake! I googled it — sounds sumptuous.

  3. Never heard of blackout cake until now – it looks great! Am sure J will be thrilled 🙂

    Weird about that study coming back to haunt you. Hope they don’t need too much from you, especially if working for them didn’t end well.

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