calypte 15th August

Super lovely weekend with visiting friends, but now back to ‘normality'(such as it is for now) plus the delayed chores 😉

  • Dailies:
    • meditation
    • mindful eating – much needed post-takeaways and meals out!
    • gratitude/achievement journal
    • stretches/yoga/plank practice
    • one thing to look forward to (important after a happy event!)
  • Exercise:
    • tai chi
  • Organise:
    • laundry and hang out
    • review
    • sort visit spend
    • set alarm for tomorrow morning – 6 hr fast means getting up super-early if I want breakfast o_O
  • Learn:
    • one kata (want to get a little more consistent with this!)

Think that’s actually enough for today – not like me not to push the list (I was half-considering heading out for a bit, few chores to run), but still catching up on sleep from some late, chatty nights 🙂

One topic that did come up was my returning to work. I’m feeling about ready for it now, I think, and so feeling quite guilty to still be postponing – but, appointments tomorrow and next week, the latter possibly resulting in an op, who knows?! The uncertainty is getting very irritating, so aiming for end-of-the-month and hoping that I have some answers by then, and trying to lose the guilt!


Comments on: "calypte 15th August" (2)

  1. To heck with the guilt! Use as much time as you can get to relax and recover!

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