calypte 11th August

I will be super-glad when all the medical investigations are done, but in the meantime the early appointments are doing wonders for my morning productivity. Alas, I do then tend to crash out for large parts of the rest of the day o_O

Yesterday’s course session was great, as ever, and it’s a shame it’s done. Can’t believe the 6 weeks flew past so quickly! I got *so* much out of it all, which is the main thing. I managed to finish it all on a high note – last week we had to present our ‘list of 20 things that make us happy’, and one of mine was bubbles (I was going for small, silly things). The group seemed to like my list, so yesterday I presented them all with a tub of bubbles – and it was such a lovely reaction! Chuffed about that 🙂

Afterwards, walked the last mile home in the rain, and pretty much just crashed out for the evening. Another walk in the rain this morning, up to the doctors, but got the bus along to the shops instead of walking straight home. Lots of healthy food to experiment with, and a few treats for my visitors this weekend 🙂 And much as I’d like to have the rest of the day off, still a ton of decluttering to do before they get here!

  • Dailies:
    • meditation
    • wii-in
    • gratitude/achievement journal
    • mindful eating (last day before a weekend of visit-food :))
    • one thing to look forward to
  • Organise:
    • bookshelf in study
    • clear bed/desk/floor in study
    • minor tidy in livingroom
    • phone for one estimate, just to get it done?
    • portion/freeze soup
    • post review
  • Exercise:
    • walk to GP
    • stretches / yoga / plank practice
  • Learn:
    • mental energy has been low the last few days, but can try for one kata – no pressure, if it ends up being post-visit picking this up, so be it

Comments on: "calypte 11th August" (1)

  1. I can hardly believe your course is over, either. The gift of bubbles was a nice touch!

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