calypte 10th August

Yesterday’s plans got rather derailed by the whole missing roof slate incident. Neighbours have ‘decided’ that now (i.e. now that someone else is organising it, grrr!) is a perfect time to get some other issues sorted, like the guttering. Really not happy at how they railroaded me into this, or the hassle it entails – not to mention risk, as basically I have to pay for everything up front and collect the shares of everyone else. Hmm. We’ll see! Even more annoyed that one had a tiny task – to email me some info – and still hasn’t done that. Using that as an excuse to ignore it all this morning, as I do need that info first.

Also got word that my blood result wasn’t improved ‘enough’, so medical tests are set to continue. Yet more bloods tomorrow morning, and ultrasound with 6 hours (eeek!) fasting beforehand next week. At least these are scheduled pretty quickly. Fingers crossed it’s all nothing. Sigh.

Today is the last day of my Where Now? course. Can’t believe 6 weeks have flown past so quickly! Not sure how much else I’ll get done today, to be honest, but shall plod away at what I can.

  • Appointments:
    • Where Now? course
  • Dailies:
    • meditation
    • wii-in
    • mindful eating
    • gratitude/achievement journal
    • something to look forward to (needed more than ever just now!)
  • Organise:
    • tidy something in study (bigger bookshelf task is now tomorrow!)
    • laundry
    • portion/freeze soup
    • email work
    • install Office?
    • review End of Watch
  • Exercise:
    • poss walk home from library after course – in the rain, do i get added brownie points? 🙂
  • Learn:
    • one kata – working well, if slowly: either a boost to the confidence that I know something, or a nudge to revise a topic

Comments on: "calypte 10th August" (3)

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you must have more medical tests. And what the heck with the roof and the neighbors?! Are you renting? If so, shouldn’t it be the landlord’s responsibility to take care of roof repairs?

    • No, I own, as do most of my neighbours, so we share responsibility. Alas, the factor/property management system doesn’t seem to be big in Edinburgh (at least not in my area) which does leave us having to figure this out for ourselves.

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