Had a very nice weekend – a peaceful Saturday, the sort I really enjoy, reading and writing, and then G came round for lunch yesterday and we had quite a serious conversation about the future, although it’s still up in the air given the uncertainty over whether he can go back to work.

One day in the office this week, that’s my kind of week! Have a lot to get done though, then I can pack up my bags tomorrow and head off to the countryside for a week 🙂

  • STLs
  • decide what payments need to be made today
  • draft job description for R’s replacement
  • hopefully the chairman will call and I’ll be able to update the minutes
  • handover meeting with new regime (instigated by me, after being ordered about last week by N&G after the sale of the company – N&G can eff right off!)
  • meeting with recruitment consultant regarding R’s replacement
  • tidy up any other loose ends that I’ve forgotten about
  • whack on the out of office reply! 🙂
  • some home admin to deal with this evening
  • finish reading the Secret Letters, which has turned out to be rather nice

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 8th August" (4)

  1. Very excited for you for the writing retreat. Hope it goes excellently – and look forward to buying my copy of the resulting book, for signing 😉

    • Thanks, I’m really looking forward to it! Will certainly report back. The resulting book may or may not ever see the light of day, LOL!

  2. I hope the retreat is enlightening and enjoyable for you in ways that are both expected and unexpected – and good riddance to the N&G!

    • Thanks, wren! Got most of the handover done today – the new guy (FD of the company that took over N&G’s company) is much nicer than N&G. I don’t mind doing things for people if they say please and thank you 🙂

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