calypte 8th August

August? Is that right? o_O

Typing this from my shiny new (purple!) laptop. The set up is going okay, knew it was going to be a pain, and slowly getting used to keyboard and new trackpad quirks.

Early start to this morning, as I’d accepted the first GP appointment I was offered. Figured getting up sharp with the alarm and out of the house was good practice! Still a little in limbo: results from this morning should be back this week, which will dictate if I’m going for more scans next week or heading back to start my phased return. I am feeling fairly ready to get back to ‘real’ life, as long as I can do it slowly!, but would be nice to not have all the medical gubbins still hanging over my head. Still, figure I’m going to just have to live with some of that, as appointment letter arrived this morning for the end of the month for endocrine. Ho-hum.

Anyhow. Thoroughly productive getting up sharp, and want to maintain a little momentum and get the spare room cleared for Friday’s visitors – squeee! 🙂

  • Dailies:
    • meditation
    • wii-in
    • achievement/gratitude journal
    • one thing to look forward to
  • Exercise:
    • walk to doctor’s appointment (20 min x 2)
    • stretches / yoga / mini-plank
    • tai chi
  • Organise:
    • clear sofa in spare room
  • Learn:
    • second half of scrivener webinar, before it disappears
    • one codewars kata – c’mon! Slacking on this – fear?
    • first day of Big Data mooc – give it a go, don’t have to continue with it
  • Other:
    • review Heart of Granite -> tomorrow
    • make soup?
    • make yogurt

Comments on: "calypte 8th August" (2)

  1. You got the purple laptop – hooray! All paws are crossed for excellent test results and the begin of your phase return to regular life very soon!

  2. Congrats on the new laptop! Hope the GP appointment went well and you’re about to maintain momentum 🙂

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