Feeling quite relaxed today – just two more days of work before I go off on the writing retreat on Tuesday, and nothing I can’t handle. It’s just the finance team in the office today, and we’re going out for our monthly lunch together which should be nice.

The Olympics starts tonight and my cousin’s son is representing the UK in the archery – his name is Patrick Huston if anyone’s interested! Hope he does well.

Looking forward to a peaceful weekend and getting a head start on my writing. Hopefully G will be over at some point although apparently he isn’t moving back this weekend after all as there is still one thing left to do in his flat. My moving plans are on hold until we can have a proper discussion about the future.

  • STLs
  • run fund statements
  • send fund statements
  • payments for N&G
  • social lunch
  • revise minutes and send to chairman
  • send accounts to auditors
  • write job spec for new job
  • more Orphan Black
  • writing

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Fri 5th August" (2)

  1. I personally think that all Fridays should be like the one you’ve described – a little work, and little pleasantness, and some nice plans for the weekend. That’s exciting to have an Olympian in the family! Maybe you’ll get to catch a glimpse of him during the opening ceremonies, if you watch them, of course. Apparently, a few people are upset about the US teams uniforms, claiming they look like the Russian flag. I personally don’t see the resemblance. And gosh, the writing retreat is almost here! I’m very impressed that you are going and hope it’s a happily memorable experience.

    • It is exciting! My aunt and cousin and her family are all going crazy. I’m not sure I’m going to stay up to watch the opening ceremony, it’s a bit late here, but am sure there will be clips available… I didn’t know there was a controversy about the US uniforms! Yes, excited about the writing retreat, and slightly nervous too, but I think it’s going to be brilliant.

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