Had a nice time in Liverpool with my mother – it seems to be booming at the moment with a lot of new construction in the dock area and a new shopping centre. Amongst other things, we visited the Roman Catholic cathedral which was absolutely stunning inside, much nicer than the rather depressing, huge Anglican one, even though the Anglican one was designed by Gilbert Scott. On Saturday evening we met my brother, SIL and her parents, who are very nice, for a meal in quite a fancy restaurant. There’s an interesting cultural difference that up north they really seem to get dressed up for a big night out compared to Londoners!

Came back to London yesterday and had a nice enough afternoon sorting things out and going to qi gong, which was the last class until September. I suspect today is going to be manic judging from a text I got from Z who sounded highly pissed off about things. Today is the crunch day, and maybe after that we can get back to doing our day jobs.

  • STLs (or pass to C today)
  • quick check emails
  • deal with Needy & Greedy – will probably take up most of the day
  • email auditor
  • minutes
  • R handover
  • work on accounts, if time
  • book group
  • now that I’ve finished OITNB series 4 (did anyone else watch it? quite harrowing) now time for Orphan Black!

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 2nd August" (2)

  1. Welcome back! I’m glad you had an enjoyable visit with your mom. I’ve read in the news that trouble is afoot at Byron. Something about locusts and cockroaches being dumped on a Byron by protestors. What the heck is going on there?

    • It’s something to do with a raid they had on illegal immigrants there – they got a load of their employees along to a work meeting and then the employees got nabbed by the immigration authorities. The locusts/cockroaches thing was pretty horrible!

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