T’s 1st August

A totally nonsensical beginning of August: grey sky and drizzle, this is a joke!

I got a bit anxious at times last night, thinking: OMG, August already, gosh, what have I done till now with the first 7 months of the year? Well, to be honest I was getting anxious in the last 2 days of July, the closing of a period makes me anxious, but there’s nothing I love better than a new beginning , a new month, turning a new leaf (as Arnold Bennett writes in his book).

So, the new beginning of the month brought my spirits up, despite the lame day with no happy light. I have been extremely social in the last week, but my focus and productivity did suffer. Today I plan to deepen myself inside 3 important projects (ESMP CFA; my book; ppLogos), and then get as much trivial chores (see list) done as possible in 1 hour.

Plan for today:


  2. BBook
  3. paperLogos

list of chores:

  • email secretary
  • emails!!!
  • healthy cooking
  • ct5K
  • etc.



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