calypte 29th July

Less of a FTF and more an accomplishment list!

  • doc appt – and with that, no upcoming appointments booked for the first time in *ages* – whee! (okay, results still to get but still)
  • made sausage casserole and baked potatoes for T for lunch
  • meal plan for the week
  • groceries
  • The Biggy: finally got all the documentation together/scanned for the insurance company, so that’s now sent off. Fingers crossed!

Spent a good chunk of the morning looking online at laptops, since mine’s now pretty old and just developed another problem – just the cable, which I could replace, but it gets to the point where spending money fixing an old thing seems pointless. Looking at this one in the first instance (and yes, the fact that it’s purple is a plus!) – sort of exciting, but also I’m just too aware of how much hassle all the new set up will be (not to mention the software I’ll lose, sniff). Mustn’t procrastinate too much – there’s no ‘perfect’ option, without throwing far too much money at it, so just get a decent one!

Wednesday’s course continued to be good. This week was mostly a chatty one, about emotions etc. Raised some very interesting points for me, stuff I can start to look at in a new light – for instance, the lead was quite surprised to learn that I don’t have a lot of anger about all that’s happened, but on the other hand I am sort of kicking myself for not making a lot of better choices/changes during the past 15 years. Pointless to think about that, but still a motivator going forward. Particularly with exercise – the mini-session on that was stressing little and often, and building up. Definitely something for me to work on, as I tend to dismiss a 5-minute walk as too inconsequential, but then wait until circumstances ‘allow’ for a bigger session – which may or may not happen soon! I get it, just… putting it into practice is tough!

Our homework for the week was to come up with a list of 20 things that make us happy, and to take at least one opportunity to be really nice to ourselves with something that stimulates a sense – the smell of a bath oil, feel of a handcream, sight of a bunch of flowers, etc. I usually consider myself pretty self-indulgent (being single and child-free helps!), but actually paying attention to doing something lovely is no bad thing!

Starting with a trip to the cinema this evening, catching up with Star Trek Beyond. Looking forward to it 🙂


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  1. I love the purple laptop, and that’s a pretty good price! Also, hurrah for good medically-related news!

    We saw the new Star Trek on Monday. It’s a Star Trek movie, so you already know what to expect. In that light, I thought they did a good job. It also has the absolute best use of a Beastie Boys song in a film that I know of. Hope you enjoy!

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