It’s my last day at work this week, since tomorrow I’m going home and then on Friday my mother and I are off to Liverpool for the weekend. My brother and SIL are going to be visiting my SIL’s parents who live near Liverpool so we’re planning to meet up on Saturday night which will be nice.

But first, lots to get done today, and things will be going on in my absence. At least I got the VAT return done yesterday so that’s one major time-critical thing off the list.

  • STLs
  • review revised spreadsheet 
  • payments for N&G
  • quick calculation for homeless team
  • deal with administrator who sent 3 pushy emails just as I was leaving last night (why is everything super-urgent with some people? and why do they think it’s my job to do everything for them?)
  • revise minutes 
  • Trust invoices and adjust accruals
  • revise support costs
  • revise depreciation/revaluation now that I finally have a straight answer out of the ambiguous auditor
  • in an ideal world, send revised accounts to auditors but that may be too much to get done today
  • remember bank cards
  • quite fancy a breakfast martini after all that…
  • continue watching OITNB

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 27th July" (1)

  1. Sometimes when people send pushy e-mails like that, it inspires me to not respond!

    Bon voyage! I hope it’s a bit cooler where you’re going. 🙂

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