calypte 26th July

Yesterday was the day of All The Scans – 2 CTs, and 2 ultrasounds after they agreed to do next week’s scheduled kidney scan at the same time as my neck one. Which is one less trip to the hospital, hurrah! No idea when the results will be in, or quite what might happen next, but right now I’m just happy to be a few steps closer to being off the medical merry-go-round, fingers crossed o_O

After all that, ended up crashing out for a 2-hour nap, but then made it along to tai chi for the first time in about 6 weeks. Yay! It was pretty good, although I’ve got a new determination to use the video to actually learn the routine, as I’m getting quite frustrated needing to watch others 100% of the time. This is not the kind of class that puts value in ‘teaching’ per se, so it will be up to me.

I’ll add that to my list of ‘dailies’ and things to learn – but trying hard not to feel overwhelmed by any of it as I re-re-re-start the process of trying to get back to some kind of normal. I think overwhelm stress is the major problem right now, to be honest. All the ‘obvious’ medical stuff is getting done, and I’m left with EVERYTHING ELSE. Which is a lot. I need to sneak up on it.

Aiming for a fairly easy one today, then, including getting myself out of the house for a bit.

  • Dailies:
    • meditation
    • stretches/yoga
    • duolingo
    • tai chi – 1 movement
  • head out for a bit
  • review something?
  • fill in doodle poll re Fringe trip

Tomorrow is WN? class 4 (wow, they are galloping past!) where I should get some advice re setting out my rtw plans again; Thursday can be fairly quiet maybe getting some tidying (bookshelves, craft stash, and/or konMari t-shirts) etc done; and Friday is groceries and cinema buddies (delayed Star Trek, yay!). Onwards, one step at a time!


Comments on: "calypte 26th July" (2)

  1. It took me about 2 years to learn the tai chi moves, so don’t be too hard on yourself! One step at a time seems like an excellent plan 🙂

    • I didn’t realize that it takes so long to learn tai chi! That makes me feel a whole lot better about the difficulty I’ve had in learning it.

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