T’s 25th July

Had a great, very social weekend in hometown. So good to meet friends I hadn’t seen for ages. On Saturday I sent my last paper to my PhD mentor, because I had explored an interpretation and left that as an hypothesis and I myself didn’t exactly know what to make of it. I was always in awe of the immense knowledge of this professor, and hadn’t been in touch for a long time (I always feel nothing I can write is worth his precious time) and yet, he answered me on sunday evening. Sort of dismissing my hypothesis with a series of excellent reasons. I admired his knowledge once more. And yet… felt his explanation left out some important factors, and felt challenged to keep looking for grounds to substantiate my interpretation in a better way. I have been missing this so much, there’s nothing as motivating to me as feeling challenged. The problem, most of the time, is to find colleagues that are able to do that. So: feeling on a great high today, head bubbling with lots of ideas, have to take time to sort them out!


  • write: Paper for Logos: check passages, draft, reread notes
  • M/B: emails!
  • write: BB: freewriting
  • tackle list of chores (mostly emails)
  • read: book for next year’s teaching
  • read: student’s thesis
  • revise master plan for second half of the year, compelte with deadlines, committments, CFP, etc.
  • ct5k: w5/1



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