calypte 24th July

Seem to have a very definite list of things needing done today, so made sense to FTF it!

  • dailies:
    • meditation (upping my time a bit, which feels good)
    • stretches and a little bit o’yoga (managed a brief plank, first since op – yay!)
    • duolingo
  • wii in – ooh, bit of a drop! Side benefit of flu 😉
  • tiny bit o’studying, get some confidence back with the coding
  • blend soup
  • tackle dish mountain!
  • laundry
  • detroll
  • post GS review
  • find resistance band
  • scan documents?

Ended up seeing Now You See Me 2 on Friday (which I remained convinced was Saturday), which was okay but nowhere near as fun as the original. Still want to see Ghostbusters but I have all week, doesn’t have to be today.

Yesterday I wavered over going shopping with K, but ended  up feeling super-tired for some reason, so it was another crash on the sofa day, apart from managing to make soup to use up the remaining butternut squash. Cooking seems to be the one area of my life that I’ve almost got back under control!

Tomorrow I’m off for more scans, for the PTH/calcium issue. Also work have asked for a doctor’s note now, which is understandable but a bit extra stressy. I really just want all the hospital gubbins out of the way, a clear week or two (even if that’s holiday days) to have some kind of ‘normal’ life, and then the phased return. Not sure how to get that on a note, but – not today’s issue!

Onward, one step at a time.


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