calypte 22nd July

Very confused this morning as to whether it was Saturday or Friday, so thank you guys for clearing that up for me! o_O I am feeling generally quite spacey at the moment, lingering effects of this bug perhaps. On the other hand, reality continues to be a scary place, so maybe avoiding it isn’t such a terrible thing!

Anyway. Where Now? class 3 was good. Longer session focus was nutrition, which to be honest didn’t tell me anything new. The shocks of the past few months really do seem to have jolted my diet into a better phase – more veg, less sugar – without effort, which is a huge positive from all the negative. I managed half the exercise session, which was more than expected post-flu, but encouraging 🙂

Then yesterday I was summoned back to the GP for repeat bloods. Xray was clear, so not a chest infection, but definitely showing signs of ‘something’ (possibly flu or similar), and given (again) the past few months, she’s being super-cautious. She was pleased with how much better I was looking, though. Which reminds me, I need to go phone for the results. Don’t wanna: I’m feeling much better, if still a bit tired, so really don’t want another vague panic over anything… urgh. So fed up of all this.

Plan instead is to take myself to the cinema and totally ignored the long list of ‘should do’ stuff, but feeling the need to just chillax.  Probably Ghostbusters, after the recommendation 🙂 Cinema buddy K is yipping away about Star Trek, but to be honest her insistence to see it now now NOW is so draining that I almost deliberately want to leave it a week! Also getting recommendations for Stranger Things (on Netflix), but warnings that the first half ep is kind of creepy, so might try that during daylight hours – already had enough night disturbances after an empty ziplock bag decided to slide down the back of my chest of drawers last night, making all sorts of unsettling noises as I was trying to get to sleep! O_O

  • phone doc – nothing back yet; try Monday
  • stretches
  • duolingo (not the most important learning I could be doing, but it’s something!)
  • freeze/portion root veg and lentil casserole (recipe, if anyone is interested)
  • cinema!
  • buy bread
  • meditation – had a break from this, but prob more important than ever

And coming up soonish:

  • scan insurance documents
  • find resistance bands
  • review catch up: SO, DW, GC, LoP?
  • studying
  • cards! just for fun 🙂
  • library collect (and return if I finish SoC already!)

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  1. I lose track of the days when I’m not working, too! 🙂

    I hope that your health continues to improve and that you enjoy the movies.

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