7/21/16 ftf, wren

Well, we’re coming into a long holiday weekend.  The holiday is a Mormon one, called Pioneer Day, which celebrates the Mos of old who migrated hundreds of miles across the continent to ultimately end up in the desolate area that is now known as Utah, where they could polygamize till the cows came home without persecution.  I’m actually dreading the holiday because it means another week of fireworks, starting tonight.  To make matters worse, our air conditioner is not working in the midst of the hottest days and nights of the year.  It will heat up to 95F/35C today (hopefully not more!), and if we want to open the windows in the evening to cool things off, the assault of fireworks noise will be even more unbearable.  I’ve reserved a hotel on Saturday and Sunday, which I expect will be the worst as far as fireworks celebrating goes, in a nearby town that has a sensible and humane fireworks ban.  In the meantime, I’ve set up a sleeping place in our basement, which is the coolest and least noisy spot in the house, and am just expecting to be cranky and uncomfortable for a while.

At least there are no meetings on my calendar today!  I’m hoping to complete a few long-standing tasks.



Happy Dog Time!



work day


renew SAM (due 8/10/16)

prepare check


MK 7622 final invoice (due 8/18/16)


Citi training (due 9/21/16)

op indicators & income vs expense reports

ePARs (due 8/15)

clinical trials invoicing

graph changes in social work collections (before 8/2)

pbg & budget for Suven

DSS for new PAMS

Amendment to OSP

read NIH Welcome Wagon Letter


close out 09857

look into Foundation Directory Online

Research P01 grants

after work

mental therapy

physical therapy



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  1. Those fireworks sound very annoying. Good plan to move to a place where they don’t have them over the weekend! It’s hot here too – I much prefer it when it’s a bit cooler.

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