T’s 20th July

A much cursed mosquito woke me up at 4,30 am. Have been up and around since then, accomplishing a lot. I never realized before how much energized I feel when I am back in worktown, things move fast here, and I with them.

Sometimes I feel you need a visual aid to 68580594locate me in my meandering excursions up and down the peninsula.


Today’s FTF:

  • Ct5K (week 5/1, again)
  • laundry
  • check TIM shop for renewal of yearly subscription
  • @ 8am: meet with expert to have him check the problem in the terrace
  • email AB, M/B: M+J; R; BP
  • hand wash garments
  • prep. veggie soup
  • write BU report
  • take receipts to FDG + report
  • @ 11am: hospital: ecography to boobs (I’ve been traumatized by the one and only mammography I took 4 years ago, it hurt so much I was about to faint, so I guess an ecography will be better than nothing at all… uhm. I was checked first time after my mum got her cancer operation, but also had a aunt on my father’s side who died for mammal cancer, so I have a double familiarity and higher risk)
  • @ 3pm: ecography to thyroid
  • @ 4pm: office hours (I bet no student will turn up, so I will start preparing the reading material to take with me tomorrow, when I’ll be heading to see my husband

Comments on: "T’s 20th July" (3)

  1. Lovely, serene photo! Hope the echographies went all right.

  2. I despise that high pitched whining in the ear that means a mosquito has come to feast. This year, there have been two cases of Zika where I live, too, so I’ve adopted a zero mosquito tolerance.

  3. Lovely photo! Very best of luck with the echographs (ultrasounds?).

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