Had a fairly productive day yesterday and it was good to see Cate in the evening, although our usual haunt had run out of ice so no frappuccino for us! Another hot one coming up today and Ghostbusters this evening 🙂

Found it difficult to get to sleep probably due to over-excitement regarding the possibility of moving. I’m thinking somewhere on the Victoria line. The boys live in Brixton, but I could get more bang for my buck at the other end, in Walthamstow. Further research necessary…

  • STLs
  • send docs to lawyers
  • find out about C’s exams then talk to chief about C
  • deal with JR
  • hopefully Z will have comments on minutes
  • review LRT accounts and do what I can in terms of revising them per new SORP
  • Ghostbusters with Z!

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 20th July" (3)

  1. Turandot said:

    Ghostbusters: looking forward to your review here! So exciting that you are thinking of moving!

  2. When you move, will you continue the same job that you’re now doing? I’m looking forward to the Ghostbusters review, too.

    • Yes, I would expect to carry on doing the same job. It’s a trade-off between retiring early and moving, really, and at the moment moving is winning the battle. Part of the reason for choosing somewhere on the Victoria line is because that would make it easy to get into work.

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