T’s 14th July

… French national feast tomorrow…

today went to the gym TWICE! When it opened, for a run. And then I discovered the pilates courses were still ongoing, so went back at 2 pm. Crazy. First (and guess last) time this happens. Really tired this evening, BTW.


  • ct5K!!! (started week 5 at last!)
  • prepare to leave (check train timetables, pack suitcase, pack dress for sat. eve; take earplugs!)
  • talk to FB
  • exams registrations -> POSTPONE
  • email E
  • payment (deadline 16/7)
  • writing: revise paperV. follow FB advice!!!!!!!!!
  • work emails (post-conference, email Dana!, student GN, M/B proceedings)

Comments on: "T’s 14th July" (3)

  1. I’m thinking that you’ve been to gyms in many different countries. Do you notice big differences in gym culture and environments, or is it all pretty much the same wherever you go?

    • Turandot said:

      Errr… no, it’s not exact to say that I’ve been to gyms in many different countries. I am not a “gym” kind of person, I much more like to feel the fresh air on my face while working out, and have no idea yet how one runs on the treadmill. I love to go jogging outside, in parks or on the banks of rivers, or on the seaside and have done that in different countries and different towns. I even went to jog along the river in Zagreb, Croatia. Curiously, since I bought the flat in padua in 2010, I haven’t found a good place where to jog here. This morning I tried to be bold and went jogging on the banks of the river in Padua. There was nobody there. Such a weird feeling, after jogging in Boston along the Charles River, that is always so full with people jogging from the earliest hours of the days to the duskiest ones! Beside, here the river banks is a place where drug dealers set appointments with their customers, so not exactly a safe place in general.

      • Ah…I prefer to exercise outside, too. I always try to avoid other people, so it would feel weird to me to jog in a place that was full of them!

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