Yesterday was very nice and I talked Z into going to see Ghostbusters with me next week so am happy about that. Also super-happy about Loathsome stepping down!

Today is a Big Day – we have our quarterly big meeting followed by the annual big dinner where one has to be on best behaviour argh. And first, an eye test – helpfully, the hospital originally scheduled two tests side by side but then they changed it so I have test 1 today and test 2 tomorrow. Today’s should be all right, it’s the peripheral vision thing, but tomorrow’s is the horrible one where I walked out with my face covered in yellow eye drops last time. I’ll be better prepared this time!

I had a reply from the cardiologist yesterday and he said he’d take a look at G’s notes, probably today. I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but this cardiologist is about to get a huge legacy, which I helped with, and yesterday I got a letter from the solicitor about it, so I was able to send that on to him and let him know he’s about to get £3.5m for his research. I think he was expecting about half that, so it’s nice to be the bearer of good news 🙂

  • breakfast
  • walk to eye hospital
  • eye test 1
  • dash back to office
  • deal with anything that has come up
  • quick lunch with Z
  • auditor arriving about 1.3o
  • big meeting starts 2.00, my bit is at the beginning fortunately
  • remember to bring papers home with me
  • taxi to dinner venue
  • posh dinner – I always dread it, but it usually turns out to be quite fun, and at least there’s a lot of politics to talk about this year!
  • come home and collapse

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 12th July" (3)

  1. I’m happy to hear that your birthday turned out well. What did you think of Ghostbusters? Did they bring back the song from the original?

    Paws crossed for some helpful info from the cardiologist. How nice to be able to give him good news about money! If your work is like mine, it’s much more common to have be explaining not-so-good news….

  2. Turandot said:

    Surely he appreciates the great news about the research funds. It’s good to know that such a bright doctor is going to have a look at G.’s situation and will hopefully be able to share helpful insights! I hope G. realises what a lucky man he is, with all the good care you take of him.

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