T’s 11th July

Ok, I slipped, and yesterday evening was too tired and it was too late and I was too merry to think at Monday, so I didn’t post my FTF in advance. Not to try to justify myself, but it was a special day, I came back from Wales (caught a flight Bristol-Venice), and my husband came to pick me up at the airport in Venice and we celebrated our wedding anniversary. It has been 3 years now since we got married in Central Park, NYC. 3 years when we mostly lived apart for work reasons and, odd as it might sound, I like to have a deep bond with him, while still feeling very much independent and free. He took a day off today, and I did my best to reduce my work tasks to the barest minimum.

Today – late in the day plan

  • graduation committee
  • call colleague
  • homeowners association meeting (if this is how it’s called)

after M. leaves, in the evening:

  • skype with M
  • laundry
  • unpack suitcase
  • plan for tomorrow
  • plan for the rest of the week
  • list emails I need to answer
  • plan what books need to be taken to the library
  • facial & personal grooming

Comments on: "T’s 11th July" (5)

  1. Happy anniversary! I didn’t know that you were married in Central Park. Where in the park was the service held?

  2. Happy anniversary! I think deep bond + measure of independence sounds perfect – long may it work for you guys 🙂

  3. Happy anniversary, T!

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