Had a nice weekend – enjoyed Ab Fab with Z on Friday – it was predictably silly and fun. Joanna Lumley really is superb. Am now looking forward to Ghostbusters, need to get a date in the diary for that.

Spent Saturday getting very angry at Andrea Leadsom (or Angela Lansbury as she’s known in our office, due to Z getting muddled up with names) and her comments about women who don’t have children, and then made good progress with my plot in the afternoon. I’m now feeling quite cheerful about it and that I’ll be in a position to get lots of actual writing done when I’m on the retreat which is only about 4 weeks away. Yesterday I met up with Moose, sadly Cate couldn’t join us, but we had a great afternoon singing.

Today is my birthday. Monday’s not a great day for it, and we have a big meeting and work dinner tomorrow so shan’t be celebrating much today but will make up for it later in the week.

  • breakfast
  • welcome back C and R
  • STLs
  • read agenda papers
  • prep blurb for what I want to say to trustees
  • crack on with notes to the accounts
  • some light pottering about
  • qi gong

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 11th July" (7)

  1. Happy birthday! 🙂 Hope it’s fun, even if you do have to postpone the celebrations – think, birthday week!

  2. Angela Lansbury’s comments did seem thoughtless. She certainly could have made the point about how she thinks being a mother informs her political decisions without going on about her opponent’s childlessness.

    Is it right that the only options for the new PM are both from the conservative party? It doesn’t seem right that there’s no other choice.

    In the US, there is a group of entitled men who are up in arms over the all-female cast of the new Ghostbusters movie. They seem to think that the casting is stealing an important part of their childhood from them. It’s just too ridiculous!

    Congratulations on your plot’s progress and Happy Birthday! Was the evening with Moose connected with your birthday, or will there be a proper birthday get together with Moose and Cate? I hope that you manage to indulge yourself at least a little bit today, despite work demands.

    • Yeah, the way it works here in our wonderful parliamentary democracy is that the leader of the majority party is PM, so unless we have a general election, we’re stuck with a Tory. At least today Angela Lansbury dropped out so now we’ve got Theresa May who’s a bit like a strict headmistress and exactly what we need, IMO, given that it has to be a Tory.

      I’d read all that stuff about Ghostbusters which makes me even more keen to see it. Also I spent some time at the weekend watching Kate McKinnon’s Hillary sketches for SNL and enjoyed those so am looking forward to her performance.

      The get-together yesterday was indeed a birthday celebration and there will be more to come later on this week, so the fact that today is a bit quiet doesn’t matter!

  3. Turandot said:

    Happy Birthday, I hope you get to celebrate it in some proper way, involving a great alcoholic choice with a personal twist. (Always envied the Breakfast Martini invention!!!)

    • No breakfast martinis for me tonight but I did have a couple over the weekend! I actually hadn’t had one for ages so it was nice to rediscover how good they are. I can’t claim to have invented it though! 😉

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