Had a productive day yesterday – it was one of those days where the problems started as soon as I arrived in the office. It turned out Z had sent a mega email on Wednesday night with the agenda papers and clogged up my inbox so much that it had closed down! Had to call IT to get that sorted then re-save all the attachments in a smaller file size and send them out again. After that I got everything else done that I needed to do.

I also got a message yesterday morning from G inviting me over to the place where he’s staying while his flat is being done up, so I went over there last night (god I hate the tube at rush hour!) I hadn’t realised how anxious he is about things now, as he was fairly cheerful when I saw him on Sunday. But after the scan on Monday the hospital told him he’d had a small heart attack last week, which one would have thought wasn’t something that should be happening given the stent. Now there is confusing information and four hospitals involved – two in particular.

So my main task today is to email a cardiologist I know at the hospital I work at, which is the one he was in at the weekend, and ask as nicely as possible if he can advise G how to get this co-ordinated so that he can find out what is actually going on from someone who has all the information, and plan accordingly. Paws crossed this guy will help us out.

This evening Z and I are going to see Absolutely Fabulous, which I’m looking forward to. My mother, who’s just come back from a trip to Northern Ireland, went to see it with her sister so she’s one step ahead of me!

  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • check forms on R’s desk and update other thing
  • send automatic fund statements
  • compose email to MW (poss run by Z before I send it, as she is the queen of influencing skills)
  • send manual fund statements
  • whatever else I have time for – was hoping to get to notes in the accounts
  • Ab Fab with Z, yay 🙂 

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Fri 8th July" (4)

  1. Haven’t seen AbFab, or sure I will tbh, but they had a photo booth at the cinema last week with Patsy and Eddie wigs, (empty) bottles of bolly, etc. Of *course* my cinema buddy wanted to try it, so there are some very funny photos of us with the various props! 🙂

  2. Gosh, that is alarming news re: G. I hope that the cardiologist can be of help. Do you know if the docs are attributing his cardio problems to stress, genetics, diet, lifestyle or something else?

    BTW, are things calming down in the UK now that the UKIP leadership seems to be falling apart? Is the mood regarding the EU exit a bit calmer? Or do you think people are just on a break until after the new leadership is installed?

    • I think it’s a mixture of genetics and the stressful job he has, but who knows really.

      Things are still pretty weird here politically – both parties are now having leadership contests. There’s also a lot of talk about whether Brexit will actually happen, there are all sorts of legal issues with it. The fact that Farage has resigned as UKIP leader doesn’t mean much, unfortunately – he’s done it before. I think the UKIP supporters are still out there, but for once I’m glad our electoral system shuts them out of mainstream politics!

  3. Turandot said:

    Hope you manage to make things easier and more understandable for G. Uncertainty is so bad.

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