T’s 8th July

Good day, got to listen to more talks and got to know more colleagues. Some very brilliant people, and all very amusing and entertaining, mostly young or very young, very nice vibe.

I’m at my friends’ in Wales now, incredibly spoiled by them.


Plan for tomorrow:

Ct5K week 4/3 in Abergavenny park

read student’s thesis

notes about the conference

trip to Hay on Wye (?)

what else? relax!

guess I’ll have to check work emails


Comments on: "T’s 8th July" (4)

  1. Glad you’re having a nice time in Wales! What do your friends think about the political situation at the moment?

    • Turandot said:

      Well, the problem with this question is … the situation I’m in reminds me so much of when in Italy Berlusconi was in power and I knew nobody who voted for him! As if I was living in a parallel reality. Here is the same, everybody I know and I’ve been speaking to since I set foot in the UK, voted to remain and is extremely worried now. A colleague from Oriel College thinks that now the best option would be to settle for a Norvegian way out of EU. The 92 y.o. colleague, who escaped at 15 from Hitler, thinks that this is a parliamentary democracy so the referendum is unlawful and the Parliament would do well to take no notice of it whatsoever. This is wishful thinking, I’m afraid. Another colleague told me: it wasn’t a vote against EU, it was just against capitalism. Which I hardly find an explanation. All of them told me that the intelligentsia is all in block pro remain. Which I am not sure is actually the case. As for my friends here, he is 81, she is 67, she is hungarian of origin, was never accepted in his family because she was a “foreigner” and his family remarked extensively how much they were against foreigners coming to live in the UK. So much that he severed contact with his family in the end. They are deeply European, voted remain and … what can I say, they are as desperate as the colleagues in Oxford. Her blood pressure went up after the 23th, hasn’t been the same ever since. And she surveys the news for any evidence of racist attacks in the UK.

      • Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s blood pressure. It’s awful that this referendum has caused these divisions and made anyone feel unsafe. It seems to have unleashed some pretty unpleasant forces.

        I seem to be the only person who knows a lot of people who voted out (e.g. at least five of my colleagues, some parents of friends, lot of my mother’s friends) and they’re not bad people. It demonstrates how disconnected the two parts of the nation are that nobody you met has voted out. I do think there’s something in the idea that the vote was against the establishment and the forces of globalisation in general, rather than the EU as such. The EU just happens to be a convenient target to blame, whereas actually I think austerity is the problem. Sadly, we’re now likely to get more of it.

  2. I’m glad to hear that all of your recent travels have gone so well!

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