G finally got out of hospital yesterday, which is a relief, but apparently he has to take it very easy, so I may not get to see him this week. As long as he shows up to the lunch I have planned on 17th then that’s ok…

Yesterday was another mega day at work. I feel as though every time I have all the plates spinning, another 10 plates get added. I’m having to be quite ruthless with my priorities and accept that certain things that would normally have been done by this stage haven’t been done, but it’s not the end of the world. Some good things have come out of it, like the German guy, C, who has been really helpful. If the masterplan involves me going part-time, I wonder if there might be a role for him in the new mix – will see what happens. The masterplan may not happen! Or maybe C will go back to Germany given the uncertainty around the EU citizens living here at the moment.

More of the same today…

  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • deal with auditor 3
  • might there be time to see if L could set up urgent payments?
  • prep for sub co board meeting
  • sub co board meeting
  • hotel invoice, if info comes through
  • whatever else I have time for, need to leave 5.10
  • book group
  • food shopping

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 5th July" (1)

  1. Turandot said:

    Being ruthless with priorities, and having 10 paltes added to all the others already spinning: I know that feeling. Sometimes it’s extremely draining, but sometimes it looks like an interesting challenge and one gets quite blasé about it all. It looks like you took this second route, which is excellent!

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