calypte 5th July

Woke up rather anxious this morning – last with no alarm for a while? Although haven’t heard anything from work, so goodness knows if they even want me back tomorrow o_O I’ve had some advice about phased return plans, which are all *much* slower than I expected, but given how exhausted I am right now after a full night’s sleep, lazyish morning, and fairly gentle mouch into town for lunch and picking up a few things – yeah! Urm.

In great news, though, the universe does seem intent on giving me money today, as I just got a cashback site ‘missing claim’ finally confirmed several months after giving up – and it was on my insurance, so a ‘biggy’ (relatively!), added to the health insurance yesterday saying my post-op needle-tastic interventions will trigger a payment – yay! Must spend it on something fun 🙂

Other than what I’ve already done this afternoon, I have almost no plans. Idea is to watch some daft TV and crash out uber-early with book, ready for tomorrow’s new phase of returning to normality! 🙂


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  1. Hope you had a nice, relaxing afternoon!

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