T’s 5th July

Great day, while on the way from Heathrow to Oxford I wrote a heap of emails, to the friends in Oxford, and to the colleagues that would be at the conference. It feels great to catch up. My next days are BUSY!!!!!!!!! Full of meetings and appointments. Oh, and there’s the conference as well, right!

The weather is… traumatic, looks and feels like November. When I got in my room at St Anne’s College I couldn’t even think as cold as  it felt. Maybe it’s the few hours of sleep I’ve had in the last days, that make me feel even colder than it is. In the end went for a jog at Port Meadow and when I came back I was warm again. I had missed Port Meadow. So I ended week 3 in Boston on the Charles River banks, and started week 4 on the Thames banks and not far from the Cherwell.


plan for tomorrow:

  • Breakfast 7,30-8,30
  • attend Session 1.1
  • mock presentation? power point pres.
  • attend session 3.4 (or 3.1 I really don’t like the conferences with parallel sessions!!!)
  • my presentation
  • plenary session
  • reception: enjoy all of it, I deserved it



Comments on: "T’s 5th July" (1)

  1. Nice to think of you in Port Meadow. Have a good conference!

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