It turned out that G was still in hospital, as I’d suspected. He was kept in by the cardiologist on Thursday because he needs to have a scan, and it was expected that this would happen on Thursday; but it didn’t, and the nuclear meds dept were fully booked on Friday (despite Z trying to pull strings on my behalf), so he’s supposed to be having it today now.

He had to stay in hospital all weekend as a result, even though he’s basically been fine since Thursday morning. I went over on Saturday evening and yesterday with books, nice food and, much to the amusement of everyone in the ward and the nurses, a half bottle of red Burgundy. Given that anecdotally I’ve been told a hospital bed at UCH costs £600 a night, one does wonder why it was necessary for him to spend 4 additional nights in hospital when he’s not in pain or in any immediate danger. But at least he seems to be ok and tolerating the situation – I think I’d be climbing the walls with frustration.

Have also been doing further work on the masterplan – this is my current favourite house – and working on the plot for my novel, as the writing retreat is only about 5 weeks away. I think by the time I go, I’ll have a reasonable structure and then I can spend the week bashing out a first draft.

On to today – K, R and C are all on annual leave this week, which means it could either be quiet and I’ll get loads done, or I’ll end up doing everyone else’s work on top of my own. Paws crossed for the former

  • breakfast
  • STLs
  • CR invoice
  • arrange urgent payments for various other people
  • (other) C is coming in – decide what to do about VAT return
  • get stuff together for third set of auditors (praying the end is in sight!)
  • discuss annual report with chief and Z
  • some fund admin which I put on the back burner but needs to be dealt with before I forget
  • continue notes to the accounts
  • chase P over unanswered questions
  • qi gong

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 4th July" (1)

  1. Poor G! And you’re right, it seems crazy not to just send him home for the weekend. Hmm. Super exciting on the master plan and writing retreat – good luck plotting! 🙂

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