calypte 4th July

Feeling kinda restless with a little anxiety creeping in: I’m feeling generally much better, but that hasn’t been tested against ‘real’ life really, has it? So very very glad for the phased return: no screaming alarms, fixed schedules, long exhausting days, etc straight off the bat!

Still, after a largely unproductive weekend – I did ‘KonMari’ my tights drawer (woo!) and plant some cress seeds 🙂 – I feel the need to get some stuff done today. Urm, any stuff, really! o_O

  • Dailies
    • morning pages
    • meditation (sadly missing tai chi tonight due to calf, so twice?)
    • stretches and some very gentle yoga (want to get back into this)
    • wii in (intermittent daily, and likely to become more so!)
    • duolingo – did French and Italian yesterday, for fun 🙂
    • doodle course! Skipped it the past three days, just getting a mental block over this, bah. Stop over thinking it, woman!!
    • page per day? Wanna. Sigh.
    • water cress before bed (it keeps drying out overnight, prob not good!)
  • Bullet Journal – set up July. Yes, I know, July is ticking away from me and I still haven’t done this! Thinking:
    • some basic calligraphy for the month title
    • basic calendar page, including mood tracker
    • a bookshelf for my current/TBR stack
    • a film strip for upcoming movies
  • make mexican chicken? Would leave quick meals ready in the fridge for the next few days, which is likely a great idea!
  • detroll
  • review – 2 movies and a graphic novel on the list, so any of those, please
  • finish rolling up last few pairs of tights
  • tidy something in study – the ‘creative sanctuary’ idea is still appealing. E.g. clear desk, and do BuJo’ing there?
  • watch GoT (catching up!)
  • early night! And no electronics in bedroom rule starts today, methinks (kindle not included)

There. That’s more than plenty (too much?), and largely creative stuff which is good for the soul, or organisation which is very good for my soul! This phased return is a gift for allowing me to continue setting up decent schedules going forward, so let’s make a good start!

Bonus – ate a frog, and phoned the insurance company! Woo!

Bonus 2 – was on a role, so phoned to bitch at Virgin Media, who alas slapped me down, but meh – chore done!


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