T’s 4th July

Nice weekend, didn’t suffer any effect of jet lag, which still astonishes me, so that was good, but gosh, what an hectic weekend, in between travels and with an anniversary to celebrate. All nice, but I quite feel that I’d need a bit of a weekend right now.

Plan for tomorrow:

  • pack suitcase (iron shirts)
  • print out a last updated version of talk before leaving
  • travel to Oxford
  • register for the conference
  • a walk by the river Thames? or Ct5k at Port Meadow?
  • revise talk, mock timed talk
  • paste quotations in absolutely minimal power point presentation
  • skype and contacts
  • work emails
  • plan the work (my writing; reading student’s thesis) to be done during the next days, set aside a couple of hours before workshops begin in the morning.


Almost forgot: happy Independence day!

In Boston I found this amazing book: Fluent forever  packed with techniques to learn languages… I love it! The reviews on Amazon are outstanding, and I pretty much agree with them.


Comments on: "T’s 4th July" (1)

  1. Much as I’d love to travel a bit more, I really don’t envy your schedule! Wishing you safe travels, as always 🙂

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